trampled my civil rights!
This is a CIVIL TORT ABUSE story.


I am Robert Briganti. Just a regular citizen who ended up legally trapped and harassed by the very powerful John Burris and his paid minion Dewitt Lacy in a completely frivolous civil law suit.

Burris Law Rogue Pro Bono

Burris Law decided to take this case against me, pro bono (at no charge) when it was obvious to anyone, especially a lawyer, that it was totally frivolous. Burris Law, decided to use money from his fees from other settlements to bulldoze my elderly father and I for over four years with total disregard for the validity of the case. His client's case was completely thrown out 4 times but the final judge, Judge Ioana Petrou, probably in fear of Burris's political influence, ordered the case to trial with no alleged actions on my part to support the claims in the complaint. Also, when they filed the complaint the third time, they added my 93 year old father because Burris and his minion DeWitt Lacy knew adding my father would give their clients more leverage even though they included no actions on the part of my father to justify including him in their already frivolous complaint. Also, they added him because they knew I had no assets to drain. The only thing my father did to Burris's clients was loan them $10,000 with a contract that they violated and eventually defaulted on and voluntarily forfeited the collateral in writing. My father was eliminated as a defendant the fourth time the case thrown out.

$80k, three-year fight

After a very expensive three years and some 35 hearings, My father was coerced into settlement to stop the drain of his life savings. The settlement conference went on for over 10 hours over two days, which was extremely oppressive to my father, while in pain, due to a recent car accident. The people who sued me ended up getting their way and Burris and Lacy could add another notch to their legal bulldozer blade. We are out around $80k due to the unfair backing by Burris and bad rulings by two corrupt judge's who kept allowing them to re-file it and a third corrupt settlement judge Paul Herbert who helped convince my father that they were "judgment proof", where two of Burris's clients defaulted in my father's countersuit for fraud and elder financial abuse.

According to DeWitt Lacy, the people who sued me only paid a flat fee of less that $1,500. Burris Law paid the remainder as DeWitt Lacy had never shown any inclination to stop proceedings as he was unethically rewarded by dragging it out as long as possible.

Case Thrown Out 4 Times!

The case was thrown out 4 times and was ordered to trial after the fifth re-filing of pretty much the same law suit where DeWitt Lacy added the accusation that I had "tricked" a third party into sending his clients property to me. Property that my father loaned them the money to purchase where they diverted money that was supposed to be used for a specific purpose, into their own pockets. This pilfering lead to underpayment default on what the loan was supposed to pay for. They lost the property due to lack of payment and I acquired it by buying it from a third party. That would have been the end of it excepting that Burris chose to take the case even with no merits and the Judge making the "tricking of the third party" basis for a triable case.

There were two judges in this case. Judge Hunter threw the case out twice and then judge Ioana Petrou threw the case out another two times before ordering it to trial. The judges were biased in favor Burris's clients even though there was no improvement to the complaint and the complaint remained deficient for the same reasons each time. Specifically, no alleged actions on my part to support the claims. On our fifth attempt to have the case thrown out, Judge Petrou ruled against my father and I even though the DeWitt Lacy and his clients DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO SHOW UP and didn't even call with an excuse. I find this highly suspect and this judge needs to be investigated. They were not required to show any due cause for missing the hearing, which is always required by parties that show contemptuous disrespect to the court and the opposition by not showing up. This should have lead to dismissal and the case was ordered to trial and there were no consequences at all enforced or even mentioned again by Judge Petrou for the no-show.

Lacy Needed To Avoid Gross Legal Negligence

From Appearing On His Record

In order for the plaintiffs to avoid legal fees, two of the plaintiffs elected to default on my father's countersuit so the husband could go on representing himself. Then, while under the representation of Lacy, the deadline to have the defaults set aside lapsed, meaning Lacy was liable for gross negligence. Great for our side since Lacy's insurance company would have had to pay the default damages. The tables were turned at that point, which was a great relief to my father and I. This also meant Lacy badly needed to get the case to settlement, since he then had a personal stake in the case. The defaults included fraud against an elder, which were not erasable by bankruptcy. This meant Lacy, due to malpractice, would have been liable for the $1.6 million default damages calculated by my lawyer.

Burris Somehow Recruited My Lawyer

My third lawyer was hired to file a simple motion to end the case after the plaintiffs refused to obey a court order for over a year demanding payment of $1,000 sanctions and submitting discovery documents and answers. What he actually did was sabotage the motion and allow the plaintiffs to weasel out of the discovery order by failing to prosecute the motion and allowing the plaintiffs to escape the discovery that was demanded by Judge Petrou over a year earlier. The Judge should have known they were weaseling out but did nothing. The negotiations were done without a single notification of my by Zumstien. It is my claim that my lawyer, Mathew Zumstein of RMKB, deliberately sabotaged the motion to help DeWitt Lacy and his clients avoid probably terminating sanctions finally ending the harassment. In stead, Zumstein increased the harassment while billing us. See: RMKB-Treason.com

Settlement Judge Changed!

As the trial date approached, there was a first settlement hearing schedule where neither the plaintiffs nor their council DeWitt Lacy bothered to show up. (No-show #2) And again with no call or excuse claimed. The settlement judge was not happy and issued a due-cause order, which was totally ignored by Lacy and his clients. The settlement hearing was rescheduled but, to my surprise, It was now a Judge Herbert who had no problem with them missing the previous hearing and proceeded to push for a settlement which was completely favorable to the Burris clients, totally ignoring the defaults. I think this judge was selected by Burris and replaced the other judge he didn't like and knew the no-show would go unpunished. Judge Herbert also needs to be investigated for favoritism to Burris law clients. How the judge was changed also needs to be investigated.

A Reputation Undeserved

Burris Law is a high profile "civil rights" law firm and the attorneys often appear in press conferences speaking publicly and Burris himself appears as a pundit in racism, police brutality and many high profile civil cases involving racial overtones. He has been involved in litigating high profile cases including Rodney King in his suit against the Los Angeles Police Department as well as the BART Police/Oscar Grant shooting. He has made a boat load of money as the attorney for many, many hi $$$ cases that didn't even go to court. They settle quick and he CASHES IN BIGTIME OFF THE PAIN AND SUFFERING OF HIS CLIENTS! BURRIS AND HIS FIRM ARE AMBULANCE CHASERS!

Burris is a very rich and powerful man who's reputation as a force of justice IS FALSE!

Is Burris Racist?

In my opinion, Burris took this case for racial reasons regardless of its merits since the plaintiffs are minority race and I am white. This makes Burris a hypocrite claiming to be anti-racism. I claim that Burris is actually racist against whites, which would be shown by auditing his pro bono cases. Has he taken a case representing a white person against a minority? That's the question that needs to be answered in order for him to maintain his integrity as an unbiased attorney and someone concerned with racial equality rather than bankrolling legal harassment of white people.

Pro bono cases he takes should be chosen based on merit and balancing resources for the underdog and not on race. He must have known that my father and I are just regular citizens and my actions were absolutely necessary to protect my father from elder financial abuse and fraud perpetrated by his clients.

Both Burris and Lacy are public figures who need to have the truth about their unethical and belligerent activities exposed. Lacy is also a greedy self interested opportunist who was probably collecting full attorney rate while pursuing a totally frivolous case. Hopefully, we can see justice served in this disastrous abuse of the civil courts.

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John Burris.

Thanks for taking the time to get the facts on this case of legal harassment.

Robert Briganti

Contact: brigantirobert@gmail.com